In this first report, we dive deep into Bitcoin’s fundamentals, its use-cases, possible valuation methods as well as key catalysts and risks. We cover the critical aspects of the cryptocurrency to be aware of, and highlight which developments are most promising and which roadblocks remain for broader adoption.

In addition, this report presents money.disrupted’s exclusive data on Bitcoin awareness and penetration globally and across critical geographies (North America, UK, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, India, Nigeria, Australia, etc…). This report contains our estimates on the number of Bitcoin users by geography, as well as the number of users for the top global fiat-to-crypto exchanges. We highlight how the perception of Bitcoin varies across the world, with overwhelming negative sentiment in some countries but much broader openness in others.

The digital asset exchange landscape part I: fiat-to-crypto exchanges

The first report in our series covering access to digital assets and digital asset exchanges focuses on an overview of the exchange landscape (from centralized fiat-to-crypto exchanges to fully decentralized crypto-only platforms) and on an in-depth look at the fiat-to-crypto leaders globally and by geography.
In addition to an evaluation of the key characteristics of each top 10 fiat-to-crypto exchanges, this report presents money.disrupted’s data on market share and number of accounts by geography, preferences among exchanges by segment (age group, traders vs. “hodlers” and level of crypto-proficiency). We also present our findings on the solutions used by consumers to store their assets (exchange wallet, laptop/mobile, hardware wallet, other cold storage solutions).

Publication date: 9/28

Stablecoins: viability and path forward

Ever since the early days of cryptocurrencies there has been much debate as to how to build a cryptocurrency that would be stable, either properly pegged to a major fiat currency or at least exhibiting much lower price variations than Bitcoin.
This report goes over the progress that has been made and evaluates which model (collateralized by crypto, collateralized by fiat or algorithmic) is most likely to succeed in the long term. We dive in depth into the leading projects (TrueUSD, Tether, Maker DAI, Base) and evaluate evidence to date and likelihood of success. We present the results of our survey of potential investment strategies created by these digital assets. Finally the report shows the result of our survey of consumers to understand awareness of stable coins in general and of each asset in particular.

Publication date: 10/12

The future of cash: slow erosion or rapid decline?

This in-depth report analyzes the current trends in cash usage. While considered an outdated technology by most in the financial community, cash has been surprisingly resilient over the past decade. However, we are witnessing signs of erosion across the globe, with distinct evolution depending on the country. We built a consistent set of data across countries to be able to compare and contrast the trends, and analyze the drivers behind differences in each geography. This report provides historical data and projection of cash volumes and transactions by country.  It also includes the perspective of industries most affected by the evolution in cash usage (banks, retailers and governements). 

Publication date: 9/24

Mobile payments 2018

More than a decade after the birth of the iPhone and the smartphone revolution, mobile payments have finally taken flight. However, the landscape is fragmented, and the patterns of adoption and usage differ significantly across countries. In this report we include comprehensive data across key geographies and an in-depth profile of all the top players and their strategy. Finally we explore the next steps in mobile payments, and include the perspective of the leaders in the industry.

Publication date: 11/06

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