State of Bitcoin:
initiating coverage of the leading cryptocurrency

Key findings from our ongoing research on Bitcoin, as of August 30th 2018

  • A little bit less than 4% of adults globally own Bitcoin, with adoption making significant progress over the past 18 months
  • That represents a total of 215M consumers worldwide, that are enabled to transact directly with each other in Bitcoin
  • More than 50% of Bitcoin owners are in developed geographies (North America, Europe, Japan/Korea and urban/coastal China)
  • Adoption of the cryptocurrency remains extremely low in emerging countries like India, Africa and the rest of Asia
  • Awareness of Bitcoin has increased dramatically over the past 18 months: our survey reveals that awareness reached 30% globally, 50%+ in most developed geographies
  • The overall perception of Bitcoin is quite negative: more than 50% of the global population that is aware of Bitcoin has a negative or very negative view of the cryptocurrency, with significant variations by country
  • We reviewed the main categories of valuation approaches, and believe the best methodology relies on an evaluation of inflows and outflows of capital into Bitcoin
  • Our in-depth research examines the implications of the data we’ve collected on valuation, and outlines the adoption rate required to maintain current prices or see prices appreciate
  • We continue to expand our research across countries to provide updated and detailed data on Bitcoin adoption and update our valuation approach. The report below has in-depth data on awareness, adoption, perception and access at a global level and country level. We will continue to share data and insights through our blog, subscribe if you would like our latest updates!


In this first in-depth 50-page report, we dive deep into Bitcoin’s fundamentals, use-cases, adoption as well as key catalysts and risks. We cover the critical aspects of the cryptocurrency and highlight which developments are most promising and which roadblocks remain for broader adoption. We present our perspectives on methodologies for Bitcoin valuation.

In addition, this report presents money.disrupted’s exclusive data on awareness and Bitcoin penetration globally and across critical geographies (US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, India, Nigeria, Brazil, Russia and Australia). This reports contains our estimates on the number of Bitcoin users globally and by geography. We highlight how the perception of Bitcoin varies across the world, with overwhelming negative sentiment in some countries but much broader openness in others.

Table of contents

  1. Summary of findings
  2. Bitcoin fundamentals: key digital asset characteristics
  3. Existing and potential use cases for Bitcoin
  4. Current adoption and outlook
  5. Bitcoin “cash flows”: forks and airdrops
  6. Potential price catalysts: access, scaling, lightening
  7. Potentials risks: market manipulation, hacks, scandals
  8. Perspectives on valuation
  9. Investment thesis
  10. Conclusions

Sample of exclusive data contained in the report

• Bitcoin use cases framework
• Bitcoin awareness, globally and for select countries
• Bitcoin current adoption, globally and by region
• Bitcoin current adoption for select countries
• Estimated number of Bitcoin users (2015-2018)
• Bitcoin intent to buy in select countries
• Bitcoin overall perception in select countries
• Bitcoin awareness of where and how to buy in select countries
• Bitcoin supply curve (2009-2024)
• Bitcoin yearly expansion rate (2017-2025)
• Bitcoin key metrics compared to other crypto-currencies
• Bitcoin correlation to US equities (S&P500)
• Bitcoin transaction and payment fees (2015-2018)
• Value per user for comparable networks (2018)

Full report - 50 pages - $9,450

Full report - 50 pages - $9,450

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